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A stunning dive-directory website for divers and thrill seekers interested in discovering Thailand and its beautiful surroundings.

Mobile-first, aesthetically pleasing and functional. A website crafted for the client; built through working closely with the client in order to create a bespoke content management system (CMS) capable of generating new ‘Dive Sites’ and ‘Locations’ pages for the website seamlessly without hassle, allowing for a rapid turnaround on new products and information.

Future-driven, responsive and fresh. In a world where the customer comes first, every website needs to cater to them. Free to explore, but easy to navigate, a site that responds and reacts to web visitor needs.

Custom built ‘Content Management System’.

New content, now easy to impliment. A system in place to help the client continue to service their customers with their products and new information as quickly as possible.

Mobile first. Optimised, responsive and fast!

Built from the ground up, with mobile in mind. As mobile becomes the tech in everybody’s pocket, our clients must be able to cater to them. More than just a functioning mobile site, a site comparable to a full web page.

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

Professor Neville Brody, Dean of the School of Communication, Royal College of Art.

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We pride ourselves on knowing how brands work and impact different individuals. We guide perceptions and target audiences to love and connect with you.

We understand our clients’ businesses as well as their demographic. We use this knowledge to gain insight into how specific brands should resonate with each individual user. By using Dive Thailand’s USP we helped them to cultivate their engagement with their target audience in the most impactful and engaging way.

Mobile Site Speed is something that we take seriously. We understand that the modern world can be fast paced and our websites should reflect that!

Throughout the entire conception of Dive Thailand we always had one thought in our mind. Speed. We wanted to deliver the fastest mobile experience possible in the most user friendly way. Thats why Dive makes use of some of the latest web technologies available including Cloudflare’s Premium CDN to make sure you’re getting the best mobile experince possible.

A Responsive Design that won’t let you down.

We believe that all modern sites should be compatible for any device, that means having a fully responsive design is paramount in todays digital age. A mobile optimised site should be in the forfront of any designer’s mind, your site should work just as well on a computer as it does on a mobile.

Your website, your content.

We make sure our clients have power over the site that they’ve imagined. With our ability to create bespoke CMS’s we give you all the tools you need to manage your site yourself.

Our team of incredible developers will work with you to create the perfect content management system for your needs. Having a CMS gives you the ability to edit your site without having to know a thing about code! From text to images we put the control back at your fingertips.

Automated saving, drafted locations and contantly updating dive sites and locations. Everything you need from a ‘Content Management System’ in one place. Solid back end development, perfect for a growing dive directory website. Often, clients want a website that they can update themselves. The power to react to change in an instant is a vital tool when working with sites with the potential of high traffic and consistent transformations

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